Kombucha – 330ml, 500ml, 1L

Theonista kombucha is brewed & bottled by hand in Woodstock with 100% natural ingredients. Our kombucha base is made from top quality tea & botanical blends and all flavouring comes from pure fruit & root extracts without added sugar, preservatives, colourants, or other junk.

Available in three sizes and 10+ flavours including ginger, pomegranate, guava, and mango paired with various tea blends that may including rooibos, honeybush, buchu, green tea, and/or yerba maté.

Kombucha on tap

We offer kegs for local bars & restaurants that want a refreshing non-alcoholic craft beverage option or cocktail mixer. You can also find us pouring kombucha on draught every Saturday at Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill and are more than welcome to bring your own container or buy a glass growler from us. We also supply kombucha on tap for events (e.g. weddings, product launches, etc). Flavours rotate weekly but some of our recent favourites include Vanilla Pomegranate Lemongrass, Apple Pie, and Summer Berry.

Custom Kombucha Blends

We make special custom kombucha blends for bars, culinary events, and restaurants--including an ongoing collaboration with The Test Kitchen. Recent flavours featured on their Gourmand menu (with their own masterful culinary tweaks, of course) include eucalyptus, lime leaf, & cucumber.

Kombucha Home Brew Kits

Everything you need to get started brewing your own kombucha. Each kit includes a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast, the “mother” culture), starter liquid, raw sugar, a custom home brew tea blend, reusable cloth tea bag, cover cloth, elastic tie, colour leaflet with detailed instructions, and a cloth tote bag (just because). SCOBYs are rather resilient so under most conditions can be reused virtually forever for endless brewing adventures.

Organic Rooibos Chai

The real deal, with a South African twist. Theonista Masala Chai is made by brewing lots of goodness (including whole spices, lots of fresh ginger, a touch of honey, and naturally decaffeinated organic rooibos) for a very long time to create a liquid concentrate that you simply mix with milk (dairy or other). No powders, syrups, or artificial flavourants allowed. Can be used for the perfect chai latte, iced chai, or “dirty” chai (just add espresso) or get creative and add it to milkshakes or smoothies, apple or carrot juice, or your morning porridge for a sweet-spicy change.

Mother Pucker

This sassy, refreshing beverage was originally made at the request of Weinhaus & Biergarten (formerly &Union). They wanted to add unique seasonal, fruity, non-alcoholic craft beverage option alongside their beer & wine that was, in their words, “something different…not a juice, not a tea, not a soda, and not kombucha—because you already do that stuff.” Our founder returned to her American roots in search of what was essentially a liquid unicorn, and created a beverage made from diluted “shrub,” which has nothing to do with a small bush but is rather a fruit & vinegar concoction from the American Colonial Era. Mother Pucker is made from seasonally relevant ingredients from in & around the Mother City and bottled in recycled Brewers & Union beer bottles.

Ye Olde Fashioned Ginger Beer ~ Infused with Organic Rooibos

When the guys who run the Neighbourgoods Market opened the Copper Bar at the market in December 2014, they created some seriously good cocktails using seriously good ingredients. They asked us if we could make them a naturally fermented nonalcoholic ginger beer as a mixer as well as a straight-up booze-free option and Ye Olde Fashioned Ginger Beer was born. Our recipe includes fresh ginger, lemons, raw evaporated cane juice, filtered water, organic rooibos, wild yeast, and time.

Organic Chocolate Body Scrub

This is the one thing we make that is not meant to go in your mouth--but you wouldn’t guess it from the ridiculously amazing smell. This body scrub is a totally original Theonista product and utilizes a natural byproduct of the chocolate-making process that is usually thrown out. We don't use any coagulants so the result is more like chocolate dirt than a traditional body scrub which is more gooey. Deliciously messy. The chocolate chaff we use is supplied from CocoaFair, a local organic chocolate factory in Woodstock.